6mm Salt and Pepper Diamond and 18ct Yellow Gold Solitaire


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RO2-18Y Illustrated A beautiful, 6mm salt and pepper, rose cut diamond set on a textured 18ct yellow gold band.  Salt...


A beautiful, 6mm salt and pepper, rose cut diamond set on a textured 18ct yellow gold band.  Salt and pepper diamonds all have unique markings and the rarity of rose cut stones makes this a special piece and perfect engagement ring.   

  • 6mm salt and pepper diamond 
  • textured 18ct yellow gold band
  • band width: 2mm
Bespoke Option

If you have a particular metal or stone in mind, please contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements.


All our jewellery is hand crafted in our studio in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.  If your selected jewellery is in stock, delivery will usually be within one week; for jewellery that needs to be re-sized, delivery can take up to two weeks and up to six weeks for a re-make.  We are always happy to provide estimated delivery times and should you need your jewellery for a special date, we will do our upmost to meet it. 

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Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Salt and pepper diamonds have a beauty all of their own.  With a wild, untamed feel and naturally occurring spectrum of black and white flecks, feathers, spots and clouds, each one is unique and each one has its own distinctive ‘salt and pepper’ pattern.

Why do we use them?

We are drawn to the unique and hard to find and because we only produce jewellery in small scale productions, uniformity is not a necessity and we are afforded the luxury of being able to select rare and exceptional individual stones from artisan gem cutters around the world.


The distinctive, aesthetic qualities of salt and pepper diamonds are as a result of the ‘imperfections’ that also makes them affordable.  For comparison, a one carat salt and pepper diamond, will cost you approximately a third of that of a one carat white diamond; but if you are thinking about buying one, it really should be because you love the stone for its unique qualities, rather than the price!

Environmental impact

Salt and pepper diamonds require far less processing than white diamonds, this means that their extraction is far less destructive to the environment - another great reason to consider these beautiful stones.