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Natural or sustainable, they still shine bright.

Natural or sustainable, they still shine bright.

Natural diamonds or laboratory grown? For our new collection of engagement rings, we are offering both.

Our predilection for natural diamonds stems from the romantic ‘forever’ narrative. The idea that a diamond has been growing for billions of years certainly adds a timeless quality, however, sustainable diamonds are diamonds, and much like their older sisters, are still forever.

As independent jewellers we pride ourselves on our ethically sourced diamonds, however, we understand the concerns associated with the mining of such rare stones and are excited to share our first ever engagement ring collection that allows customers to opt for a natural or laboratory grown, sustainable diamond.
“Our first experience designing an engagement ring with a sustainable diamond has been overwhelmingly positive. The diamond is classic, perfect even, and offers a considerable saving when compared to a natural diamond.”

A lab grown, sustainable diamond is grown in a controlled environment using a process that replicates, and dramatically accelerates, the natural geological formation of a diamond. The material composition is identical to any mined diamond, retaining its position as the hardest known mineral.

Learning more about the creation process gave us the confidence to make our first engagement ring featuring a lab-grown, sustainable diamond. The 1.08carat diamond is brilliant white and sits perfectly on a hand-forged band between two salt and pepper diamonds – a perfect contrast with the purity of the central stone.
“Encouraged by the success of our first sustainable diamond ring, we now want to ensure all our customers are offered a choice of sustainable or natural diamonds. This means that we have already introduced sustainable and natural diamond options for our bespoke jewellery and engagement ring collections and will begin to offer laboratory grown diamonds as options across all of our collections – providing brilliant white diamonds with a considerable saving.”
- James Newman


You can shop our entire Lab Grown Diamonds collection here.
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