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Salt & Pepper Diamonds

- Wild & Untamed -

Salt and pepper diamonds have a beauty all of their own. With a wild, untamed feel and naturally occurring spectrum of black and white flecks, feathers, spots and clouds, each one is unique and each one has its own distinctive ‘salt and pepper’ pattern. As hard as white diamonds, we are drawn to the rare unique beauty and individual qualities of salt and pepper diamonds.

Salt and pepper diamonds share many of the qualities of white diamonds; they are as hard as white diamonds and the same cuts and carat weights are available. Where they diverge is in the colour and clarity; salt and pepper diamonds are valued for their aesthetic qualities rather than how white and clear they are. If you are thinking about purchasing a salt and pepper diamond, it really should be because you love the stone for it's unique qualities, but you might also be interested to know they are an affordable alternative to white diamonds, making them an all round excellent choice. From clear stones with carbon black feathers, wisps and speckles to soft opaques in shades ranging from pearl to charcoal grey, the variety is extensive and we will look far and wide to find the perfect diamond for you.
As with all James Newman gemstones, we guarantee all our salt and pepper diamonds are ethically sourced from like minded, small independent gem dealers. Salt and pepper diamonds require far less processing than white diamonds, this means that their extraction is far less destructive to the environment - another great reason to consider these beautiful stones.
Opting for a piece of jewellery from James Newman Jewellery, means that you are purchasing from an independent designer jeweller, where manufacturing travel miles are drastically reduced due to the sourcing of materials in the local area and because jewellery is made by us, in house. Read more about our ethical jewellery policy here.
All James Newman Jewellery jewellery is designed and hand crafted in house, drastically reducing our carbon footprint; using ethically sourced gemstones and precious metals. We take our responsibilities seriously and are constantly reviewing and evolving our practices to ensure we are a force for good. Our ethical policy stretches beyond the materials we use, from our customers to employees and suppliers, we endeavour to create long lasting relationships based on fairness and trust and not excessive profits. You are in good hands with us - find out what our customers think about us here.
If you would like to spread your payments, we offer interest-free instalments through Klarna.

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