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Ethically Sourced, Consciously Crafted

- Since 1998 -

Evolving our practices to ensure we are a force for good.

All James Newman jewellery is designed and hand crafted in house, using ethically sourced gemstones and precious metals, where possible, from the local area, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. We are a close knit team who care about the environment, our employees and customers. It is our aim to make conscious ethical choices and be a force for good within the jewellery industry.

"We endeavour to create long lasting relationships based on fairness, sustainability and trust. Not excessive profits."

- James Newman

Our Environmental Policy

As an independent jewellers, we are in control of our manufacturing process and choose to make ethical choices in all aspects of our business, from the sourcing of gemstones to the recycling of metals. We are conscious and concerned about the environment and we aim to be a force for good.

We aim to:

- Reduce, reuse and recycle; a principle relating to all aspects of our business from packaging to precious metals.

- Ensure materials we source are sustainably and ethically sourced, from the local area where possible.

- Increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption through analysis of working practices.

- Invest in green initiatives and reduce carbon consumption.

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