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New Additions to The James Newman Flux Collection

New Additions to The James Newman Flux Collection

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our offerings of jewellery within the James Newman Flux collection.

Flux, meaning ‘continuous change’, features a stunning selection of unisex rings, available in platinum, 18ct yellow gold, 9ct red gold, silver and oxidised silver. The name of the collection is inspired by the making process, whereby the moment of flux is captured.

Flux rings are the perfect alternative wedding ring, they are pleasingly solid with a highly polished inner band for comfort and they are also easily customised. In a further exploration of earth’s elements our rustic rings, textured ear studs, molten necklaces and cufflinks also feature mixed metal details and embedded precious stones. Sharing a process similar to the formation of igneous rocks, the collection captures the very moment whereby molten metal solidifies and the impermanent becomes permanent.

We have also introduced new additions to the Flux Cufflinks, Pendants and Earrings jewellery.

Explore the full Flux collection range.

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