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This piece has now been sold, however if you would like to explore a design similar to this piece get in touch with us, or find out more about bespoke.

1ct Salt and Pepper Cluster Ring


Introducing the salt and pepper, and brilliant cut white diamond cluster ring by James Newman Jewellery. A perfect combination of artistry and unique gemstones, the ring features an asymmetric cluster of mixed salt and pepper and brilliant cut white diamonds. At its core lies a captivating 1ct oval salt and pepper diamond - a standout gem with a lively mix of light and dark grey flecks. The warm hues of textured 9ct red gold offer the perfect compliment, enhancing the rings visual appeal.

With an asymmetric design, this ring is a nod to the unconventional. Ideal as an alternative engagement ring, it reflects the uniqueness of the bond it symbolises. It also serves as a striking statement ring, embodying a bold and individualistic style.


This ring is made to size N, however can be resized up to and below 3 sizes. Unsure on ring size? Find the correct size here.


  • 1ct Oval Salt & Pepper Diamond
  • 18pts Brilliant Cut White Diamonds
  • 15pts Brilliant Cut Salt & Pepper Diamonds
  • 9ct Red gold
  • Band width: 2mm

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