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Solid 18ct Gold Hand Forged Oval Bangle

Regular price £6,500.00

Online & In-Store


Entirely hand forged from solid 18ct gold. Our precious metal bangles celebrate the natural beauty of gold and are an undoubted investment piece. The oval shape of the bangle and smooth, gently curved inner, allows it to glide over the wrist and sit with a snug and secure fit. The outer patina is a result from innumerable hammer blows making each unique with its own texture.  

These bangles can be evolved over a lifetime by encrusting precious stones to celebrate life's occasions, or simply to add a splash of colour or sparkle. They also present the perfect piece to incorporate heirloom jewels, making your bangle a testament to your own life's journey. 


  • Bangle Width 6.8mm
  • Solid 18ct Hammered Gold
  • Available in 18ct Red Gold, Yellow Gold & White Gold

These bangles are not available to buy online, as all must be made to fit to ensure a perfect glide. Prices start from £6500 however, as these bangles are made from solid gold, this will range depending on size. You can visit us in store to view or send us an enquiry for pricing.

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